Thank-you for visiting!! 2020 was a rough year for musicians as we all know. I lost almost all gigs, but managed to have a few 2020 bright spots. I was thrilled to play on Rick & Val’s brand new country release, along with some Canadian country music royalty; Pat McLaughlin, Yvan Petit, Bob Bangs, pedal steel legend and producer Al Bragg, and 8-time Canadian fiddle champion Louis Schryer were all featured on the release. A 2021 follow-up is scheduled for release later this year, and I could not be happier about working with these esteemed musicians on another project. 

Little Bones had a great start to 2020 at the amazing Overflow Brewery among other venues. We also had a Canada Day “gig” with Q107 in Toronto. We couldn’t be there in person this year as we were in the past of course, but we had fun recording a remote show for the long-standing Canada Day Q107 event. Thanks to the guitar wizardry and musicianship of James Frew, along with our “new” guy Jeff de Valk, I love the way we’re sounding. I am very excited to get back to work ASAP playing live with my Bones brothers! 

I also had the pleasure in 2020 of reuniting with one of my all-time favourite bands to play with. I first played with the Uninvited Guests in 1999 when we toured western Canada. The band features long-time Charlie Major guitarist Corey Sullivan and multi-Juno Award winning drummer Matt Sobb. It was a distinct pleasure to hit the studio with my old friends to record for an Xmas special, which featured multiple acts and was broadcast in December of last year. 

Looking back to other releases, the 2018 jazz fusion recording Eagles/Schroeder, featuring Boston area drummer Lee Fish, is still available on cdbaby. I also played bass on the 2017 Latin jazz release "Shades of Brazil" by L.A. based Grammy nominated vocalist Jelsa Paleo. In December 2015, The Beeched Wailers released their debut CD "The Johnson Lake Sessions."  The album received air play across the country and made the top 10 in jazz in Canada.

In the last few years I have had the pleasure of spending time in New Orleans and in Nashville performing at various venues. Perhaps more significantly, I was able to spend time listening, studying and furthering my research into the roots of jazz, blues and country music. I am currently a Professor of Music at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. At Carleton I teach jazz, blues and classical music history courses, as well as theory and bass performance classes.

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